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Get Automatic updates on Credit Ratings

Credit Score with Automatic Updates

See your Credit Score right now! It only takes a few minutes to sign up for your risk-free 7-day trial membership and get your current Credit Score. Plus, see your Credit Score history on an interactive graph to gain insights into how and why your Score is changing.

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Identity Theft Protection

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America with over 9 million people affected each year. We work to keep your identity your own with daily identity theft monitoring, dedicated Fraud Resolution Support to help you handle any suspicious activity, and a $50,000 Product Guarantee.**

Start protecting yourself today!
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As a member of, you get much more than just a credit score. Score alerts, automatic updates, a mobile app, ID protection -- even access to fraud resolution experts – are all possible when you become a member.

Identity Fraud Resolution

Fraud Resolution

If you find suspicious activity on your Credit Report, we’re here to help investigate any identity theft related issues. Or, if you become a target of fraud, a trained Fraud Resolution Specialist will be in your corner to help you until your good name is restored.

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Yes! I'd Like to Know My Score.

Get My Score mobile apps available for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Meet the new mobile apps

Get your score and much more with the revolutionary apps. Available for iPad®, iPhone® and Android™, these new apps are loaded with powerful and easy ways to understand and monitor your credit on the go. See the factors that are helping or hurting your credit now and use the interactive grid to track your score over time.
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3 Bureau Credit Report Monitoring

Credit Reports and Monthly Credit Statement

If you become a member after the free trial ends, you get unlimited access to your Credit Report and a Monthly Credit Statement. If you prefer to see your Credit Report now, simply pay a low fee for instant access. We also offer members-only discounted pricing on your comprehensive 3-Bureau Credit Report.

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Credit Alerts & Monitoring

Alerts and Credit Monitoring

Alerts and Credit Monitoring can help you defend against fraud, identity theft, and inaccurate negative information on your Credit Report. We scan your Credit Reports and alert you to any key changes, including suspicious activity and potential errors that could be costing you thousands of dollars each year.
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Taking good care of your credit can help you get the things you want. Get started now!

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Online Disputes

If something doesn’t look right on your Credit Report, dispute it online with access to Experian’s online dispute process. Dispute Now.

Savings Calculators

Better interest rates can save you thousands! See how much you might save with our calculators for mortgages, credit cards, auto loans, and more.

Score Planner

Find out how certain financial behaviors could increase or decrease your Credit Score.  Score planner is free to members and non-members.

Credit Education

Trying to understand your credit?  We can help.  Our articles and blog make it easy to learn about credit and how it impacts your life.

Score Factors

Learn how to handle your credit by finding out out which factors are helping and hurting you Score.

Card Safe™

Take the hassle out of lost or stolen credit cards, and rest easier knowing we'll help you every step of the way if it happens to you.

Checking your own credit score won't hurt it.

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3-Bureau Credit Reports and Scores

See your Credit Reports with Scores from all three Bureaus for the members-only discounted price of $0—available online for a full 30 days!


Child identity theft could tarnish your child's future! For just a few dollars, help safeguard your kids from identity theft with this special offer. More than half a million children are targets each year of identity theft, so start protecting yours today!

** Due to New York state law restrictions, the Guarantee cannot be offered to residents of New York.