Employers want to make sure you can handle money before they pay you money

Your Credit Report may play a role in your employment aspirations and, if you have dreams of self-employment, credit plays an even more important role in achieving success. No matter who’s the boss, money is always part of the job satisfaction equation, and management of that money is critical.

  • Yes! Credit Matters: Bad Credit can Make You Look Bad

    When unexpected events like unemployment, medical emergencies, or foreclosure, you could have a hard time finding a job. That’s why it’s so important not to overextend your credit and to pay your bills on time. If you are unemployed and struggling to cover your expenses, it’s a good idea to ask creditors to lower your interest rate or let you make smaller minimum payments until you find a job. Otherwise, bad credit could keep you from getting your dream job or re-entering the work force.

  • Yes! Credit Matters: Making your Credit Report Job-Worthy

    Since many employers now check your credit before making a job offer, it’s important to see if your Report is free of errors or negative marks. Start by reviewing your Report and disputing any errors you find. If you have negative marks on your Report, such as collections or charge-offs, work with creditors to show your willingness to take care of past due debts. Remember, that paying your bills on time going forward can make you appear financially responsible to employers.

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Question: Is bankruptcy bad for the job search?

Answer: When searching for a new job, it’s important to put your best face forward. This also applies to your finances. The good news is that bankruptcy only stays on your Credit Report for 7-10 years. However, many job applications ask if you've ever filed for bankruptcy, so employers can still find out even if it's no longer on your Report.

Taking good care of your credit can help you get the things you want. Get started now!

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