Infographic - What Does It cost to Get a Divorce | | Credit Reports & Scores

Infographic: It’s Not You, It’s Me – What Does It Cost to Get a Divorce?

The unfortunate happens. Sometimes that means a once happily married couple gets divorced. But what is the true cost of divorce in the United States? And how do once fiscally-bound spouses untangle their finances? And how do you separate credit accounts on your reports?

If you’re contemplating divorce, understand these important things:

  • Your credit scores are separate but any joint credit accounts you share, such as a joint credit card or a loan with both of your names on it, could impact your credit score.
  • Expenses related to divorce can be costly and may include legal fees, alimony, and child support among others.
  • You should consider addressing any shared debts during the divorce settlement to avoid confusion down the road.

Credit can impact all stages of life from getting married to starting a family, sending the kids to college and eventually entering retirement.

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Infographic - What Does It cost to Get a Divorce | | Credit Reports & Scores

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