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Money Management Skills for Teens: Luxury Items Vs. Necessities

The difference between luxury and necessity can spark heated debate with your teens and their still-developing impulse-control skills.


But 72 percent of teens acknowledge that a college education is a necessary expense, according to a recent Junior Achievement survey. Although most teens expect to cover their own education costs, 46 percent don’t have a game plan.


These strategies help put necessities and luxuries in the proper order:


  • Many teens regard credit cards as magic money. Discuss the economizing and comparison shopping that takes place before whipping out the plastic for a family vacation or other treat.


  • Impose a waiting period before allowing the high-end smartphone or clothing item. Teens should ask themselves if buying it now is a setback to buying something they want more.


  • Online payment calculators can be an eye-opener. Run the numbers on student loans, car payments or other major purchases with teens to give them an understanding of the true cost of long-term payments and how these obligations affect credit scores.


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