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Overcoming International Credit Challenges

I’m originally from France, where the notion of good or bad credit is not exactly the same as it is in the U.S. When I moved to attend graduate school, I pretty much had no credit history, even though my credit in France was in great standing.

So after moving to California from Paris (where the public transportation is awesome), I quickly realized that I needed to buy a new car if I wanted to survive! I bought my first car with cash from another student on campus. It was good enough to help me run my errands and drive to campus.

After graduating, I moved for a job opportunity. Unfortunately my car didn’t make it. It died on the way. So I decided to purchase another car. But this time I wanted one that would last me a little longer. Plus I was told by a friend that it would be best to finance a car if I wanted to start building my credit.

I went and test drove several cars. I finally settled on one and when it was time to talk about financing, I quickly got denied. I went to a second dealership to be denied again. At a third one, I was denied again! I had no idea that on top of having no credit, getting several hard inquiries at once would hurt my credit even more.

I finally got “lucky” when a dealership agreed to finance the purchase of a new car at 22.8% plus the help of a co-signer. If I had known better, I would have started building my credit while in school and would have inquired about what could impact my credit positively and negatively so I could be better prepared for a larger purchase. I eventually went ahead with this loan and its high interest rate – I guess I had to start somewhere.

After a few months I eventually managed to refinance my auto loan with a local credit union at a much better rate. I eventually paid off the loan, managed to get approved for a couple of credit cards, and today, I’m in a good place with my credit score and much better educated. I guess I learned the hard way!

My husband and I purchased a home a few years ago and this time, I knew how important good credit would be in the process. We both had excellent credit and managed to qualify for the best interest rates at the time. YAY!



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