Protect Your Identity When Dating

You won’t find any shortage of articles on the importance of protecting your identity online. While having your identity stolen by a random person can already hit pretty close to home, having to worry about protecting your identity from your significant other can be a particularly unpleasant experience.


No one likes to think of the person he or she is dating as someone who would actually use their personal information for anything negative, but there are a few tips you can use to protect yourself: 

• Password protect everything and never share your password with anyone.  Might as well get the most obvious answer out of the way now.  While it might be tempting to let your girlfriend borrow your Amazon account so she can use it to order something nice, be aware that you’re making things very easy for that person to rack up charges to your account – especially if you’ve automatically saved all of your credit card information to make purchases that much easier.
• Don’t save your credit card information to sites.  The thing about saving your credit/debit card info to a website’s database.  Even if you are an avid online shopper, it can still be a risky venture. Yes, it can be easy to save your payment information to a site your frequently shop with because it reduces the whole experience to a few minutes at the most, it also makes using your information to make purchases that much easier for anyone with access to your account.
• Make sure you each have your own account.  We all know how important His and Her towels are in a relationship, and just as crucial – some might even argue more so – are having separate bank and credit card accounts between the two of you.  This can help save a lot of headaches whenever the subject of money comes up in a relationship discussion.
• Shred any preapproved credit card offers.  If either of you have even halfway decent credit, chances are your inbox is stuffed with dozens of preapproved credit card offers on any given week day.  If you don’t want to worry about anyone – including your significant other – filling any of these out in your name and sending them in, make sure you’re diligent about shredding all types of preapproved card offers; not leaving them around for anyone else to pick up and mail out.
These tips can help you stay on the right track to protect yourself in a relationship. Whether newly dating, about to say “I do,” or even after years of marriage there are many conversations on your financial and credit history that can help couples get on the same page.