Top 5 Personal Finance iPad Apps

When you’re on the go and always multi-tasking, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest tech trends and lose sight of what’s important – your life goals. Strong credit usage and the ability to balance your payments can help you purchase your first home, send your kids to college and help to retire comfortably.

Don’t let social media and online games distract you from building healthy credit habits. From money management tools and credit monitoring products available on the iPad, here are some of the top apps to help you keep your finances in line:

1. is an excellent tool for managing personal finances. This free app is available as an online tool, smartphone app or iPad app and can sync all of your accounts across all personal computer and mobile devices.

One of the best features of is the ability to create custom budgets and savings goals. If you’re spending too much in a budgeted category, you can receive notifications that help you know when you’re about to go over your budget. You can also receive alerts when your bank or credit card hits you with a fee.

2.    Experian Credit Tracker
The Experian Credit Tracker app offers anyone the opportunity to browse resources that help you understand credit and how it impacts your life.

Membership in Experian Credit Tracker also offers you access to personalized information updated daily which lets you monitor your own credit history. The app includes interactive resources that allow you to see snapshots of your activity so you can stay on top of your credit usage. The free app also gives you access to videos and helpful articles that answer some of the most common credit questions so you can build your credit knowledge.

3.    Expensify
Designed for business travelers and commuters alike, Expensify helps generate expense reports while on-the-go by syncing transactions with credit cards and bank accounts.

Users can add mileage and other travel expenses to create a complete expense report. Users can also set expenses to be reimbursed directly into a checking account, all online for quick and secure payment. All the transactions can be pulled into a PDF and available to send for approval at any time.

4.    MarketDash
MarketDash from Yahoo! Finance gives users secure access to investment portfolios and watch lists, all with an interactive iPad display. This free app offers real-time market updates, news and charts all in sync with your personal investments.

A feature that makes this app stand out is the ability to add stocks to watch lists from an iPad and it will automatically sync to a user’s Yahoo! Finance app for iPhone or Android helping you seamlessly track your investments anytime.

5.    ShopSavvy
This price comparison app makes it convenient for shoppers to save money. By allowing users to scan a product’s bar code and then find other merchants selling the product, ShopSavvy makes it easy to shop for the lowest prices.

Reviews rave that the bar code scanner is one of the most accurate and useful tools among other apps with similar capabilities. Anytime you can shop for a product with a lower price, you’re saving money and that’s worth raving about.

Challenge yourself to check out these apps and spend more time  managing your credit card debt than monitoring your news feed. Whether you budget your finances using an old fashioned calculator or take advantage of tools like the iPad, good money management skills are vital for staying on top of debt.