Video: Do Landlords Report Tenant Payment History to Credit Bureaus?

Are you making rent payments and wondering if your landlord reports them to the credit bureaus?

Paying your rent on time can be good both your budget and your credit. It can also be a good thing if your landlord reports your rent payments, especially if you’re trying to build good credit.

Experian was the first credit bureau to include positive rental payment histories from landlords. Your landlord can sign up to report rent payments, if they aren’t already. Though only positive rent payments are recorded in your payment history, late payments can still become a concern.

Watch this™ Credit in 60 Seconds video to learn more about:

  • Rent payments and credit bureau reporting
  • Important benefits of paying your rent in a timely manner

Discover what’s on your credit report, because it’s of interest to a lot of people. Bad credit can make it harder to rent an apartment or qualify for a loan.

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