Video: How Long Do Records Appear on Credit Reports?

How long do records appear on credit reports? It’s a much-asked question, and depends on the circumstances and type or record.

Things like civil judgments, paid tax liens, chapter 13 bankruptcies and late payments can remain on your Experian credit report for up to seven years. Unpaid tax liens and Chapter seven bankruptcies can remain on your Experian report for up to ten years.

In this™ video series Credit in 60 Seconds learn:

– How long negative information in general can remain on your credit report

– How long late payments, civil judgments, Chapter 13 bankruptcies and tax liens may remain on your Experian credit report

– How long unpaid tax liens  and Chapter 7 bankruptcies can remain on your Experian credit report

Understanding how to read your credit report is vitally important to you as a consumer. It can help you track your credit goals and detect identity theft. And credit can impact some of the most important financial decisions you’ll make including a home, education or car.

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