Video: Is There a Tax Credit on Graduate School Tuition?

Congratulations! Graduate school can be the gateway to a better life and a higher standard of living. And budgeting for an advanced degree can be a huge challenge, especially if your goal is to not rack up lots of debt.

This latest Credit in 60 Seconds video shows you:

  • One of the tax credits that might be best suited for graduate students
  • A credit that allows you to reduce your tax bill by up to a certain amount, when you spend on education

Education is always money well spent and debt, if managed properly and depending on the type, can be a good thing in life. On the other hand, poorly-managed debt can act as a burden to weigh you down in years to come. Here are a few options for reducing some of your school loan debt that you may not know. More resources like these are available on, where you can strategize a workable way to manage your educational spending.

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