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Before you buy, see what's driving your FICO® Score.

Before buying a car, check your credit to see if you might qualify for good financing terms. Whether leasing or purchasing, good credit tells lenders that you deserve better interest rates and smaller monthly payments.

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Car Loans & Your Credit

For many of us, cars are a central part of our lives. It's pretty hard to imagine a world without them. But, once you drive that shiny new mechanical marvel off the lot, it starts to depreciate. In fact, a car remains an "expense" as long as you own it, lease it or rent it. It's important to know there are ways to reduce those expenses.

Yes! Credit Matters: How Pre-Approvals Can Improve Your Options

Some finance departments will pre-approve you for auto financing based on the information on your Credit Report. One of the nicest benefits of pre-approval for car shoppers is that it gives you a ballpark estimate of what you'll qualify to drive off the lot. It also lets car dealers know you're a serious buyer that's ready to negotiate for the best rates possible.

Yes! Credit Matters: Is It Better to Buy or to Lease?

When it's time for a new car, you have two options: buy or lease. No matter which option you prefer, buying and leasing both have benefits and drawbacks. If you have excellent credit, prefer having a new car and drive relatively few miles, leasing might be great for you. If on the other hand, you have less than stellar credit, drive a ton of miles, or put a lot of wear and tear on your car, buying could be your best route. Before you decide, do your homework to see what makes sense for your credit and finances.

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