Is your credit ready for family life?

Learn how marriage and kids can affect your credit.

Credit can impact many aspects of your life, including getting married and starting a family. And the strength of your FICO Score and Credit Report can help shape your financial future so it's important to take care of your credit.

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Marriage, Family & Your Credit

Raising a family is perhaps the most difficult-and rewarding-job there is. It's also one of the best arguments for establishing and maintaining good credit. Life events-weddings, births, college and even the unfortunate reality of divorce-often require the assistance of credit, and a strong FICO® Score makes a big difference.

Yes! Credit Matters: Identity Theft-Is Your Family at Risk?

There were more than 13.1 million identity theft victims in 2013***. Many people don't even realize their identity has been stolen until they receive bad news in the form of a delinquency letter, negative mark on their Credit Report, lawsuit or, in extreme cases, an arrest warrant. Even worse, when criminals target your children, the crime can go undetected for years. Learn more now!

Yes! Credit Matters: When Saying "I Do" Is A Don't

For many people, marriage is the natural evolution of a great relationship. What's not to love? Bad credit for one thing. it's not that married couples share a FICO® Score or Report, but if one of you has bad credit, you could be denied when you apply for loans and credit together. So, before you say "I Do," make sure you understand, and can accept, the way your future mate handles credit and finances. Plus, don't forget to discuss your debts so you both know what you're getting into.

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