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Good credit can help you get better home loan rates.

Knowing where your credit stands can help you negotiate for better interest rates and smaller monthly payments on home or home-equity loans.

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Credit score calculated based on FICO Score 8 model. Your lender or insurer may use a different FICO Score than FICO Score 8, or another type of credit score altogether. Learn More.

Mortgages & Your Credit

When one thinks of FICO® Scores and home-ownership, one thinks-of course-about mortgages. However, things like kitchen remodels, room additions, new roofs and security systems might cost less with a good FICO® Score, too. Then, once you spruce up the place, proper maintenance keeps it looking good and costing less.

Yes! Credit Matters: Choosing the Right Mortgage

Deciding between a Fixed Rate Mortgage or an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM)? Which mortgage is better for you depends on your credit situation and your future plans with the property. The ARM interest rate is made up of "the index" and "the margin" (the profit fee charged by the lender). A good FICO® Score lowers the margin significantly, saving you thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Yes! Credit Matters: Home Improvement

With the money you save on your home loan thanks to a good FICO® score, you're able to consolidate debt under one low interest rate, or pay for home repairs and home improvement, which could potentially increase your home's market value.

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