How safe is your identity?

Checking your credit reports is one way to find out.

There were more than 13.1 million identity theft victims in 2013***. It can ruin your reputation, destroy your credit, and cost you thousands of dollars and many hours to resolve. Start with checking your Experian Credit Report to see if your identity has already been compromised.

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Identity Theft Protection

Great credit takes time to establish. Unfortunately, identity theft can unravel all that effort in a very short period of time. Monitoring your Credit Report can reveal unauthorized activity and, if trouble does find you, it's important to know what steps to take immediately to prevent further damage.

Yes! Credit Matters: Medical Identity Theft-The New Threat

It's a terrible feeling to receive a collection letter or past due bill because someone else used your stolen health insurance information to obtain medical care. Unfortunately, this scenario is more common than you would think-an estimated 1.84 million Americans were affected by medical identity theft in 2013****. Even worse, is that medical identity theft often goes undiscovered for a year or more, and can cost over $20,000 to resolve.

Yes! Credit Matters: Hide Your Kids...from Identity Theft

Did you know that thieves are targeting children's unused Social Security Numbers? Since childrens' SSNs are found in many different documents, it's no wonder thieves are having a field day racking up thousands in debt that will never be paid. What makes this crime so devastating is the fact that it can go undetected until your child is old enough to start applying for college loans. By then, your child's credit could be ruined! Learn what you can do to keep your children's identites safe.

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