Is debt overload hurting your credit?

Learn how to handle your financial situation.

For most of us, debt is an everyday part of life. Too much debt can hurt your FICO Score, but not using any credit can be equally damaging. Learning how to manage your debt is the first step towards good credit.

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Managing Your Debt & Finances

Somewhere along the line, "debt" got a bad name. In reality, without debt you'll never be able to create a strong FICO® Score, and effectively managing that debt is key!

Yes! Credit Matters: Using Your Report for Debt Management

Managing your debt can be a challenge during the best of times. Yet, repaying your debt now can help you reach financial goals even faster. The first step towards getting out of debt is knowing how much you owe. Using your Credit Report to see all of your debts in one place is a great way to start.

Yes! Credit Matters: When to Consider Bankruptcy

When you can't pay your bills, bankruptcy may not be the only solution. Talking to your creditors could be a better first option. They may be willing to work out a payment plan that's more manageable for you. A government-approved credit counseling agency may also be able to help you negotiate a debt-repayment plan with your creditors. You might also research debt consolidation to see if it's right for your situation.

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